Why Are There White Dots On My Area Rug?

As a rug ages, little by little, white dots can start to appear overtime.  These white dots are actually the knots at the foundation of the rug poking through to the top.  They originate from all the way back to the construction of the rug.  As the weaver made the rug, parts of the foundation … Read more

How To Maintain Your Area Rug

Great question and one we get asked all the time.  Your area rug should be professional washed at least every two years by a certified Master Rug Cleaner in a professional rug plant and never in your home.  Your rug needs to properly dusted, washed, dried and groomed.  This process takes several hours and can’t … Read more

100% Guarantee On Your Rug Odor Issues

100% Guarantee Removal of Pet Odor/Smoke Odor From Area Rugs  Yes, we Guarantee 100% Removal of the Odor or we won’t charge you.  We are Certified Master Rug Cleaners and we are properly trained to remove these odors and saving your rug. Contrary to popular belief by many carpet cleaners, you can’t properly remove pet … Read more

What If My Rug Is Damaged

Yes we can repair your damaged rugs.  The picture you see is of a Afghanistan Russian War Rug made during the war between those two countries.  It belongs to a customer who brought it by the shop to repair the damaged areas of the rug.  We are able to repair this type of damage by … Read more