What If My Rug Is Damaged

Yes we can repair your damaged rugs.  The picture you see is of a Afghanistan Russian War Rug made during the war between those two countries.  It belongs to a customer who brought it by the shop to repair the damaged areas of the rug.  We are able to repair this type of damage by following the procedures used to make this rug.  We can save the rug not only from further damage but, we can also return it to its original look.  We pride ourselves on this and enjoy seeing the faces of our customers when they see that the rug once damaged is now, back to the way they remember it.  Rugs are sentimental pieces of art to those that own them and we love to reunite owners with those memories of how it was before the accident happen.  

We repair all types of rugs and we love to hear about your rug and tell you a little something about it too.  We can clean them and repair them.   If you have any questions remember, we do offer free estimates for both cleaning and repair.  All you have to do is bring it in to our in-plant rug shop and share with us your work of art.  Remember every rug has a story and we love to hear about yours.  

Until next time, Rugman Out!

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