Repair & Restoration

Handcrafted Repair And Restoration By Artisan Rug Professionals

Rug repair is a craft requiring knowledge and skill.  Understanding rug structure is a key to rug repair.  I am here to help you understand the value of preserving or restoring your rug.

There are different types and approaches to repair and restoration:

Area Rug Repair

This is the compromise between conservation and restoration most often appropriate for rugs sent in for cleaning. repairing allows the rug to become functional again. Rug repairs included patching, reduction in size, overcasting of graying ends and sides, new fringe and spot dyeing.

Area Rug Restoration

Defined as returning a rug to a condition as close as possible to it's original condition. Ideally, this requires matching dyes, fibers and structure as closely as possible to the original. This level of work is done when the value and rarity of the rug justifies the expense for the restoration.

Area Rug Conservation

Defined as preserving an object from further deterioration with as little change to it's current condition as possible. Rugs that are conserved usually are rare and have exceptional scientific, historical and artistic value.