100% Guarantee On Your Rug Odor Issues

100% Guarantee Removal of Pet Odor/Smoke Odor From Area Rugs

 Yes, we Guarantee 100% Removal of the Odor or we won’t charge you.  We are Certified Master Rug Cleaners and we are properly trained to remove these odors and saving your rug.

Contrary to popular belief by many carpet cleaners, you can’t properly remove pet urine from an area rug at the owners’ home.  Rugs need to be brought to a rug cleaning plant like ours that can properly submerge the rug in what we like to call a Pet Spa.  We submerge and wash the rugs to flush out all of the urine contamination in the rug to achieve the 100% guarantee removal of the urine or any odors in the rug. 

We must introduce more flushing solution into the rug to double the amount of urine in the rug.  You can’t put gallons of water on a rug in a home without wetting the wood floor underneath nor can you allow the dwell time of the solution to remove the urine to work that fast.  We float the rugs in the solution for at least 4 hours or till we see no more urine running off the rug during flushing whichever happens first.

We also know how to correct any dyes that decide to bleed into the other portions of the rug to save your rug from damage.  Some rugs require extra skills to not cause more damage than actually urine does and to protect the fringe and backing.  Of course we also can pick up and deliver the rug back to you and place back into its original location as part of our services.  The other cool part is, we can tell you if you don’t know where your rug was original woven and a little background on those types of rugs from that region.  Yeah, you can say we love rugs!

So the next time you think about getting that area rug cleaned, please call me and ask for Larry or Joe the only two Certified Master Rug Cleaners in the Metro East .  We know rugs, we love rugs, and we have the experience to achieve the best possible cleaning solution for your rugs.  Hey, we have integrity too, if your rug is going to cost more to bring back to life then the value of your rug, we will tell you that and let you decide if the emotional attachment is worth the cost.  I would rather have you leave here knowing that we have you and your rug as the most important aspect of our relationship and not your money.  

Until next time, Rugman Out!

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