How To Remove Odor From My Area Rug Guaranteed

This is a Question we hear and address all the time in our rug cleaning plant.  We have dedicated numerous hours, days, and months to achieve the results of odor removal from area rugs.  Many things can lead to the odor from the following; pet oils, pet urine, smoke from a fire, cigarette smoke, human urine, fecal material, and of course flood damage.  Some rugs have inherited a smell from storage or origin of the rug.  Don’t worry we can remove the odor and return your rug odor free and in most cases looking like the day you bought it.  We guarantee odor removal or we won’t charge you for the rug cleaning.

Understanding the source of the odor and using the right solutions to remove the odor is the key note, we don’t disguise the odor and we remove it from the rug.  Spraying a product over the top of a wool rug and hoping the smell is gone won’t work.  Spreading a powder only adds a dry soil compound to the rug and won’t resolve the issue.

We submerge your rug in a special solution determined by the type and origin of your rug and through this system of cleaning we can remove the odor.  This can’t be accomplished in your home, driveway or garage setting; it must be done in a rug plant with trained and certified rug cleaners.  We know and understand what fibers make up your rug and how they will respond during the cleaning process and direct our efforts to meeting and exceeding your standards. We can even tell you where your rug was born and history of the rug.

Don’t be fooled by infomercials promising results in your home and products that in a few seconds will resolve all your issues know, that we spend individual time on all of our rugs and hands-on clean them all.  If you don’t believe me, then bring your worse rug to us and let me show you what we can do.  We Guarantee our results and won’t charge you if we can’t remove the odor. 

Until next time, Rugman Out!

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