Reversible Rug Pad For Any Surface

Finally we have found a product that solves the issue of having the right pad for your rug no matter what the surface is.  This pad works with wood, marble, carpet, tile, mat, cowhide and flat weave rugs ensuring your floors are protected and your rug stays in place.  This will save you money in replacement cost if you decide to change the location of your rug and go from say a wood floor to a carpeted floor.  Normally, you would have to buy a new rug pad for the different surfaces but, this will solve that for you.

Another great thing about the pad is, it is completely odorless and provides protection for your expensive area rugs.  This pad will not crush therefore; your fibers will receive the same level of protection throughout the life of the fiber. This product also allows continuous air flow to ensure moisture can’t build up underneath the rug.  It is important that an area rug is not left wet because it will eventually smell and could lead to mold issues.

Lastly the pad is skid-proof and eliminates having to bend over and realign the rug every time someone walks across the rug.

We always recommend a pad be used for your fine area rugs to protect the fibers from the pounding of daily use.  Padding will add years onto the life of your fibers and provide a nice cushion for you to walk on too. 

Come by and check it out we have a few on display.

Until next time, Rugman Out!

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