When Should I Clean My Walk Off Mats?

It is winter time and along with that comes the use of ice melt and sand to eliminate slipping hazards in your home and business.  You have to use it or face the chance of someone getting hurt even though the effects of ice melt will damage the fiber of your carpets.  What to do? 

Easy answer is call us to clean your walk-off mats and remove the salt, sand, and snow from entering your home or business carpets.  We will bring them to our area rug cleaning plant and fully wash and dry them to remove the debris and allow your walk off mats to do their job.

You see walk off mats are made to collect and hold all debris wet or dry and keep them off the rest of your surfaces like a filter.  But, when that filter is full, it will begin to release and results in the transfer of the unwanted debris into your fibers.  This debris of sand and salt will act like sand paper and rub the new right out of your carpet and result in fiber loss and premature aging.

We recommend having your walk off mats cleaned on monthly schedule and more often during heavy usage to eliminate the worries of this happening to you.  We always provide three things with a cleaning; beautify your carpets, create a healthier environment and most of all we save you money on replacement cost.  A good cleaning will achieve all three aspects and make your life easier and if you have customers, give them a great first impression of your company or in your home a great impression of it. 

Do yourself a favor and check your mats and ask yourself, when did we install them, have we ever cleaned them, and then call us.  

Until next time, Rugman Out!

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