How Not To Clean A Chinese 90 Line Rug

Do not treat your wool area rugs like you would a synthetic rug because, the fibers will not react to the cleaning in the same manner.  Wool rugs are a natural fiber and made to protect a sheep thus they have a quality to repel water where as a synthetic fiber is made of a material that will easily absorb water.  Knowing this, we in the cleaning business understand that you cannot surface clean a wool rug and achieve the best results.  

In order to clean a wool area rug, you must introduce enough water to saturate the fiber to allow thorough immersion and flush out the rug and the stain.   We never clean wool area rugs in the home because, you can’t achieve the goal of penetrating the fiber.   Also, when using shampoo and spotters on wool, you must use a wool safe product that won’t allow for color removal or damage to the fiber.  We also can identify what type of rug you have from years of training, understanding each rugs properties and how best each type of rug needs to be cleaned.  

We highly recommend that all wool area rugs be completed in a area rug cleaning plant to ensure damage to the fibers, bleeding of dyes and removal of all cleaning substances are taken care of.  In the picture above, a client used there home carpet cleaning machine to clean with.  They in-turn, caused a browning effect on the rug from the left behind solutions and leaving the rug wet for to long of a period.  

Our understanding of rug care and identification of the problem, allowed us to correct their mistake and return this rug back to its natural beauty.  Don’t take a chance ruining your rugs, bring them to us!  

Until next time, Rugman Out!

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