How To Maintain Your Area Rug

Great question and one we get asked all the time.  Your area rug should be professional washed at least every two years by a certified Master Rug Cleaner in a professional rug plant and never in your home.  Your rug needs to properly dusted, washed, dried and groomed.  This process takes several hours and can’t … Read more

Shearing A Wool Kerman Rug

Yes we do shear rugs when needed and only when needed.  Sometimes through years of abuse the tips of a fiber of wool can become frizzy and distort the color of the rug and take away from it’s natural beauty.  Shearing, removes the bad tips of the fiber and allows the rug to look brighter … Read more

How To Tell If My Rug Is Made Of Wool

  How do you tell if your area rug is made of wool?  This question is important information for you to know to ensure your maintenance of your rug is correct.  Especially when it comes to washing the rug, you need to identify the fiber first and then make sure the dyes used are stable. … Read more