Shearing A Wool Kerman Rug

Yes we do shear rugs when needed and only when needed.  Sometimes through years of abuse the tips of a fiber of wool can become frizzy and distort the color of the rug and take away from it’s natural beauty.  Shearing, removes the bad tips of the fiber and allows the rug to look brighter and details of the rug can be seen again.

We don’t shear all rugs just the ones we feel will make a differance in the appearance of the rug and make the rug enjoyable to look at again.  We also shear a rug if it has a fading issue caused by direct sunlight exposure to the rug found, when a rug is left in direct sunlight without any tinting used on the windows.  Yes rugs will fade in the direct sunlight and we recommend if the rug needs to be in that room, take the time to tint the windows of the room  Bi State Glass of Granite City does an excellent job of tinting glass and will ensure your treasures aren’t exposed.

We also shear if a pet with their nails have pulled on the tufts of a rug to remove the loose fibers and save the rug from further unraveling and falling apart.  We see damage of pets even on machine made rugs.  We can always repair holes in your rugs but, if we can save them first by shearing, then we would rather do the shearing first.  

Check your rugs and see if the fibers still look tight, the colors of the rug still look bright and if you notice any of these issues give us a call or bring your rug by for repair.  It is better to address issues early in the problem then, to wait until it worsens and cost you even more money.  I relate it to the old berber carpets, you get a runner of fiber and you pull on it and before you know it, you have a line all the way across the room in your carpet where you pulled on that one thread. 

If you take care of your wool hand knotted rugs by running a vac weekly, cleaning annually in a professional rug cleaning plant, and you address any shearing issues, your rug will last a life time and more.  

Until next time, Rugman Out!

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