How To Maintain Your Area Rug

Great question and one we get asked all the time.  Your area rug should be professional washed at least every two years by a certified Master Rug Cleaner in a professional rug plant and never in your home.  Your rug needs to properly dusted, washed, dried and groomed.  This process takes several hours and can’t be done in the home.

In between cleanings, you need to on a weekly basis, vacuum your area rugs and on a semi-annual basis you need to rotate your rug 180 degrees.  Weekly vacuuming will ensure all the dry soils are removed that can act like sandpaper and destroy your fibers.  Note; if you have an area rug in a room with lots of activity on it then, add at least one additional vacuuming a week to your schedule.  Always be careful not to catch the fringe or side cords in the vacuum while working on the rug.

Why rotate you ask?  Your rug is a natural fiber and you want it to wear evenly well rotation will ensure the same amount of activity occurs on the rug throughout an entire year of use.  Also if a part of the rug is hidden under furniture, by rotating you ensure that pesky moth doesn’t have an environment to lay their eggs in.  The larva that emerges from the eggs will eat the wool for a food source and that is not good.  Lastly, rotating your rugs will ensure if sunlight is in the room that the colors of the rug reflect the same amount of normal fading.

I know it sounds complicated but believe me taking just these measures of professional cleanings, vacuuming and rotation of your area rug , will ensure that rug will last and become a family heirloom to pass on to your kids and family members.  

Until next time, Rugman Out!

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