Are You Fighting The Allergy Issues?

Every year when the trees and flowers bloom the pollens flow and we begin spring.  The best way for you to control your environment during this time of year is, control your air quality in your home.  This means cleaning and dusting all your surfaces that attract pollen and mold spores. 

We recommend that this is the time of year to clean your area rugs.  Area rugs made of wool act best as a filter to hold pollen and mold spores in and away from you.  You see Pollen and mold spores are lighter than air and any movement allows them to lift off a hard surface and float in the air and end up in your nose.  If they land on a clean area rug, the rug will hold them in and not let them float around.  

Area rugs are natural filters to clean the air in your home of mold spores pollen and of course dust related soils.  But, the area rug can only hold so much before the filter is full and starts releasing the excess soils.  This is what you see when you pick up your area rug and hit it with a broom.  

We clean area rugs by first dusting them on a machine made to gently brush up against the rug and release those dry soils from the rug.  We then wash the rug with rug shampoo and rinse the rug with rinse agents to retain the soft texture of your rug.  We dry your rug and groom it out so that the fibers will lay correctly.  

Once you have a professional like us clean the rug, your rug is ready to do it’s job for air quality.  This type of cleaning should be done by a professional in a rug plant like ours to achieve the results listed above.  

Until next time, Rugman Out!

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