Why Should I Use A Master Rug Cleaner?

Master Rug Cleaners spend years training, learning and studying area rugs from around the world and not just to clean them correctly but, to also identify where they are from and how to best protect them from fading, bleeding, and damage.  A Master Rug Cleaner just doesn’t throw your rug down and use a machine on it know as Topical Cleaning, they test the colors for dye bleed, examine the foundation and protect your treasure during the cleaning process. 

We hand wash all area rugs and determine the type of aggressiveness based on the type of rug we are cleaning.  We also can value the rug for you compared to today’s market to allow you to determine if you should spend the time and money in the rug.

We also can repair, restore and conserve your area rug to either returning to its original beauty or to save if from further damage.  We have two full time repair technicians on staff that knows how to reweave a rug and make all the necessary repairs to include even fringe work.

A portable unit or a truck mounted cleaning system in your home can’t achieve the clean we can in our rug plant.  You see wool must be submerged to allow full penetration of the fiber for cleaning.  You have to soak the rug to get to the bottom of it and clean the entire piece.  Portables and truck mounted equipment can’t wet the rug enough in your home or driveway to achieve this.  If they tried, your floor underneath would be soaked and the rug would take days to dry. 

We inspect, dust, clean, dry, groom and inspect the rug again to ensure we have achieved all of our goals in the cleaning process.  We take hours with your rugs not 15 minutes over the top and out like they would on-site at your home. 

We Guarantee Odor Removal or your Money Back!

We can remove Dye that has bled on your rug!

We care about your rugs and we work every day to hone our skills and make us the #1 Rug Cleaners in St. Louis and we won’t rest there, we now are working on re-dyeing capability to add another aspect to our services in 2017.

We are the Best!  

Until next time, Rugman Out!

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