How To Protect Your Area Rugs In Summer

Summer is the time of year we spend more time enjoying nature and especially going to the lake and if your lucky, the ocean.  We spend the day in sand and of course we end up bringing some of it home with us.  The sand is then transferred to the area rug when we walk across them.  FYI: Sand and rugs don’t mix well together.  

Sand has on the average 23 edges to it that will cut the fiber of your rug as we walk across and grind the sand in it.  Remember sandpaper is used on wood to smooth the surface and in a rug, it will damage the fiber.

So what to do?  The best thing to do is, Vac the rug at least once a week and professionally clean the rug once a year.  Also, you want to rotate the rug a 180 degrees every six months to allow for even wear on the fibers.  Now, some of you may not need to clean professionally every year but, at least every two years is required to make the area rug last a life time.

Another good reason to clean your rugs and rotate them is moth damage.  This can occur especially to those rugs not stored properly or if parts of the rug go under furniture and is not disturbed by traffic or a vac.  But that is for another blog.  

The main point here is, area rugs will last longer if you perform weekly maint and at the most professionally clean them in a 24 month program.  If you own a wool area rug these procedures are must to make them last and retain their value.  What a great gift to pass on to your children then an area rug that reminds them of you??? 

Until next time, Rugman Out!

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