How To Remove Odor From My Area Rug Con’T

Getting odor out of a rug saturated with Urine, Cigarette smoke, smoke from fire or any type of odor is difficult because not only does the outer fiber become saturated but so does the base of the rug too.  We have found the best way to remove this odor is using professional odor removals with a rug spa treatment.

Synthetic fiber rugs have a heavy backing normally consisting of the fiber it is made from and a latex material to provide the firmness to the rug or to keep the rug together.  Natural fiber rugs have less fiber material but because they are natural, they too can hold the odor and smell horrible.

We use a natural plant based product during the spa along with enzymes to saturate the fibers and backing at the same time.  Then we thoroughly flush the solutions out of the rug along with the contaminant.  Once this is completed we then wash the rug with rug shampoo by hand to ensure a thorough cleaning and last but not least use a fiber rinse to soften up the fibers and to ensure all solutions are rinsed away and no residue is left behind

We use a speed drying technique to ensure the rug smells fresh and we achieve the results of odor removal and a clean rug. 

So how do you get odor out of a rug?  Bringing to a professional rug cleaning plant like ours in your hometown and let them clean it.  We as many in the rug plant industry do, guarantee odor removal as part of the cleaning.  Yes, you will pay more but, in the long run you will be glad you did.

We never recommend a rug be cleaned in the home especially if it has odor issues because, you can’t saturate the fiber and when dealing with odors, you must saturate the fiber to ensure you can flush it out.

So if you have a rug with an odor of any kind, bring it to a professional and let them save your rug and make it last for generations. 

Until next time, Rugman Out!

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