Should I Have My Rug Cleaned In My Home?

The answer if you should clean your area rugs in your home is NO!  Hand Knotted wool rugs or even Machine made wool rugs can’t be clean properly in your home because, a natural fiber like wool requires the ability to totally saturate the fiber to penetrate enough to remove all the soil particles.

Think of the sheep where the wool is harvested from, the sheep is normally out in all types of weather and must have a way to protect itself from the rain and snow.  A sheep does this through the wool coat they wear that is a living part of them that has a built in natural ability to shed water and not allow it to become soaked.  To get a fiber of wool to react to a cleaning, you must saturate the fiber to reach the entire fiber.  If you don’t  then you are just doing a surface cleaning.

Surface cleaning means, you run a wand over the top (Like if in a Home) and you will only get the top part of the fiber clean.  The bottom half of the fiber remains dirty and over a short period of time the fiber will wick that dirt to the surface or the top of the fiber will soil faster and thus, you won’t get your money’s worth on the cleaning.

You see it may look good for a month or two but, eventually it will begin to look like it did prior to the cleaning and you will be back to a dirty rug.  The other hidden issues are, if it is not cleaned in a plant they are using a portable or a truck mounted system and using solutions that were made for wall –to-wall carpet. 

Dyes can run know as Bled dyes, heat used in the cleaning can remove color from the rug, the fibers that are silk, rayon, artificial silk, cotton can end up being brittle, damaged or yellow in color.  A Certified Master Rug Cleaner like me doesn’t just know how to clean the rug but, we know how to identify where the rug is from and how to properly pre-treat and clean the rug. 

We use a full process on all rugs brought to the plant that requires the following; Inspecting, Dusting, Cleaning, Drying, Grooming, and re-inspection to ensure we do our best. 

The answer is simple, if you want your works of floor art (rugs) done right, a professional rug cleaner is the only choice and not your driveway or garage or even worse your wood floor.

Until next time, Rugman Out!

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