Kona Rug From Turkey

What a great example of a Kona Rug Made in Eastern Turkey.  Vibrant color fields make this rug very pleasing to the eye and one to add to your collection of rugs.  You see we believe that all hand knotted rugs are works of art found on your floor and, we believe you can never have to many of them.

These rugs make great everyday use rugs and add to the decor of your room.  We recommend with these types of rugs that you clean them every 12 to 18 months to properly maintain them and last forever.  If you have one of these rugs we also recommend professional cleaning services to ensure protection against bleeding that can happen with these type of rugs.

We also believe that every 6 months you should rotate the rug and on a weekly bases, you should rug the vac over them to remove the dry soils.  Whenever you begin to vac the rug, do a inspection to ensure your side cords, fringe and body of the wool rug is free from damage.  If you notice damage, now is the time to have it repaired and not wait for the normal professional cleaning cycle to ensure the damage doesn’t worsen over time.

Enjoy your rugs but also care for them. 

Until next time, Rugman Out!

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