How to Remove A Pet Stain

I am writing about this because my dog, Louie, decided the carpet in my living room was his new bathroom. He couldn’t wait for us to return.  I know all pets have accidents so I can’t be mad at him. Still, the spot needs to be removed before it becomes a stain.  As a carpet cleaner and rug cleaner, it wouldn’t look too good for me to have pet stains as we greet guests at the front door.  The first thing all pet owners should have is what I like to call your emergency pet kit.  This kit should include a proven pet treatment spotter with a deodorizer,  general spotter, and a few throw away cloths,  along with a roll of paper towels.  It doesn’t hurt to have a few scrapers ie. popsicle sticks to scrap away any hardened up areas.

The most important thing to remember when removing a spot is, follow the directions of the spotter and remember dwell time is important.  Never think that you can double the amount recommended by the manufacturer to save time or increase the removal capability.  In fact, you only increase the potential for fiber damage and leave a permanent bleached out looking spot.  Always blot at the stain or pat it, Never scrub like you would a tile floor or a counter top.  Scrubbing will cause permanent damage to your fibers and could even spread the stain out further.  Dwell time is allowing enough time to go by so the spotting solution can penetrate and work.  I know the stuff on TV just wipes away with a squirt but, you and I both know that isn’t the case. 

I use a product we carry for sale in our shop called Pet Treatment and a General Spotter to tackle pet urine and feces.  I use these products in my home on too often, if you know what I mean!  So let’s walk through the procedure to achieve the best results; first we use the paper towels to remove any visible debris or to absorb urine.  Of course throw away the paper towel and proceed to the pet treatment formula following the directions on the bottle.  I like to use a popcicle stick to agitate gently over the area to work in the solution.  Place a moist, clean, white towel over the spot and place the bottle of spotter on-top to act as weight.  Leaving the moist towel on top allows for more dwell time and doesn’t allow the spotter to dry out.  After 10 minutes check and see if the spot is gone or if it’s not, apply more solution and recover with towel for an additional 10 minutes or longer.  The more dwell time the better I always say.  Once the spot is gone use the general spotter with another clean, white towel as a precaution to ensure the job is complete and all the spotting cause by your pet is gone.

 This method works best for me and ensures my home looks good and smells good. It also ensures my dog, Louie, stays out of the dog house.  

Until next time, Rugman Out!

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