What If My Fringe Is Torn On My Area Rug?

Is your fringe torn or unraveling and you just need it replaced or repaired?  Here at Carpet Care Plus/Robins Rug Repair, there are several methods that we can apply to your fringe to get your rug back into proper condition.  Damages to a fringe that a cleaning cannot fix will require several options that will return your rug to its natural beauty and original finish. 

Preservation:  If you want to keep a handmade rug as authentic and maintained as possible and don’t want the existing fringe getting damaged, or to prevent further damage, simply  sewing on fringe could be a viable option for you.  This will protect your fringe from being chewed by animals or torn up by the vacuum cleaner.  We can put the fringe in a pouch protecting it from the elements while machine made fringe is sewn on over the top to protect the foundation of the rug thus leaving the machine made fringe readily available for your vacuum cleaner or pet to chew on.

Restoration:  Our restoration process includes taking off the damaged area and remaking it with the most authentic materials possible by hand to make it look like its original condition.  If you choose to do a restoration process for the fringe on your rug, it begins by completely reweaving from the foundation of the rug.  Warps from the foundation of the rug are sewn in and brought out of the rug to produce the new fringe and all of the knots are made on the warps which start and finish as your fringe.

Conservation:  taking the damage area of the rug and securing it to prevent further damage occurring.   Where the fringe is eaten and some of the warps in the weave are coming out, we tighten them and if possible hand secure the fringe so no more damage can occur.  While this method will have the rug looking almost the same as when we received it, further damage is prevented. 

There are varying degrees between preservation, restoration and conservation, and we like to take the time to see which method is right for you and your rug.  Disclaimer:  Any rug that is worked on needs to be cleaned before any repair work is done to ensure we match the exact colors of the rug. Not all rugs can be fully restored in some instances but we will be more than happy to spend some time with yours. 

Until next time, Rugman Out!

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