Area Rug Restoration

Trained Repairer, Restorer, Cleaner, and Area Rug Specialist

Restoration: Returning a rug as close as possible to its original condition.  Ideally, this requires the same dyes and fibers as the original, but most restorations are a compromise, as some details of the original cannot be reproduced.  The good news is, we can do restoration work and restore the beauty back into your rug.

Some Areas of Restoration:

Moth Damage-  We can replace the missing fibers by reweaving the rug in those areas damaged by Moth infestation

Rips and Tears- Recreate the weave in the damaged areas using the proper knotting techniques for that type of rug

If you have a need for this service please fill out the contact page information and we will set up a time and date to give you a free estimate on what we can do to restore your rug.  You can also just drop on by during business hours with your rug and we can determine with you what would be the best solution to protect your rug and restore its natural beauty.