We Don’t Clean Rugs, We Wash Rugs

Yeah I said that, we don’t clean rugs however, we do wash rugs.  Washing rugs is the correct procedures to achieve the cleaning of the rug.  Now that you are confused totally, let me explain the difference. To thoroughly achieve cleanliness in a wool rug you must fully submerge the rug in water to penetrate the wool fiber and rinse out all the dry soils from within.

You can’t achieve a true rug wash in a home or office because you can’t soak a rug with water without causing damage to the subfloor.  You have to soak a rug with water because wool is a natural fiber that has a natural repellant capability to protect the animal in its original environment.  Thus, when you submerge the rug you allow that penetration to take place.

When you try and clean it on location with a truck mount or portable you can only clean the surface top of the rug.  This cleaning might make the rug look better for awhile however, eventually the dry soils underneath will come to the surface.  If you have a rug with pet urine issues or smoke issues, you must submerge wash to achieve removal period because, you have to double the amount of solution to the amount of urine to flush it out.

The good news is that a rug cleaned in a plant dedicated to cleaning wool rugs will properly clean it and achieve the end results of a washed rug not just a cleaned rug.

Many carpet cleaners will advertise that they clean area rugs but, if they don’t have a rug cleaning plant or the expertise to clean the rug they can cause more damage than the cleaning was worth.  Some hand knotted wool rugs, silk rugs, and cotton rugs will bleed and even brown out if the proper procedures are not used. 

We inspect, test and use only the appropriate methods for your individual rug and hand wash not clean each and every rug brought to our dedicated rug washing plant.  We don’t clean rugs we wash them.  Even some of your synthetic rugs are better off washed in a rug plant because of their material make up and the fact that in your home, they can’t do both sides of the rug and place it back down until it dries.  We wash all sides of the rugs and dry and groom every rug we wash.

We first inspect for damage or any areas of concern

We then thoroughly dust your rug with a machine to loosen and remove the dry soils in the rug

We wash with a submersion of water and solutions of soaps and rinses made for wool rug cleaning

We dry and groom every rug following the nap of the fiber and do the final cleaning of the fringe as needed.

We inspect are work and then prepare it for its return to your home

All rugs should be washed not cleaned and should be done in a dedicated rug cleaning plant like ours.  By the way we have two Master Certified Rug Cleaners on staff and Two Trained Repair Technicians to handle all your rug needs.  

Until next time, Rugman Out!

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