How Do I Bind A Carpet?

You picked up a piece of carpet remnant that you want to use to make runners, walk off mats and create an area rug for your living room. But, you don’t know where or how to proceed, don’t sweat it, we have the tools, experience and we aren’t afraid to use them.  We are a full operational rug repair company trained to handle these tasks for you with an array of products and options to meet your needs.


Binding gives the appearance of fabric finish on the edges.  We can bind your piece of carpet and we have an array of colors to match your carpet to allow you the ability to determine what will look best in your home.


A more formal finish with a finish stitch wrapped around the binding itself.


We can create any shapes you would like to suit your needs and then bind them to create a unique rug for you and one that fits your space.  We can also down size a rug you have that is too big for the space and save you time and money looking for a new rug.


We can also add fringe or replace it to create your own machine made one of a kind area rug.  We have an assortment of fringe we can sew onto the ends and in many different lengths and colors.


For a minimal fee we can pick-up the remnant at the store bring it to our shop and upon completion, deliver it to your home and lay it in place for you; Saving you the hassle of finding a vehicle big enough to haul a rug and then repeating the same procedure from our shop to your home. 


We can also clean the rug for you if you are looking to downsize an existing rug you have. We like to clean them first to ensure the new material being sewn onto the rug are not covering any dry soils besides; we prefer to work on a clean rug too.   When we finish cleaning and repairing you end up with one clean and beautiful piece of art to display for years to come. 

For All Your Rug Binding and Cleaning Needs!

Give us a call or better yet just stop by our shop and see what we have to offer and then head out and pick up your carpet with confidence knowing we can help you obtain your goals.

Until next time, Rugman Out!

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