Afghan Russian War Rug

Afghanistan War Rugs

Yes they make war rugs in Afghanistan and when at war they make rugs depicting war style scenes.  From the one pictured, these are from the 1980s war with Russia.  They also have some from the Desert Storm depicting American pieces of war.  These rugs are a symbol of what is taking place in their country and have become quite collectable to those whom have served in those conflicts.  Many service men and women bring them to their countries to remind them of their time serving in the war.

The value is not high because the amount of those made over the years and they maintain more of a sentimental value to the owner and or buyer.  They are unique in design and make dating them to what period they were made, very easy. 

The one picture here is going through a reweave to repair damage portions of the rug and took many hours to complete.  We had to tie knots of wool and then properly fill in the rug just like the original weaver did but like any repair, it is always easier to build a new house then to remodel in older home.  Older homes like rugs, show wear and age and therefore, any work you do to the rug should look old too.  We can make the new yarn used to match the old yarns of the rugs and save this and many like it from being a total loss. 

We enjoy preserving history whether it is for sentimental value or high value rugs because, we also ensure the history of the piece are maintained for you.  If you have a rug that is damaged and you think it isn’t worth saving, please bring it by to us first, and let us determine what we can do for you and your rug.  We also just like to look and appreciate a rug when they are brought into our shop for estimates.  Remember estimates are free at our shop and you may be surprised when you learn more about your rug. If we feel your rug is of high value, then we would recommend a formal appraisal be done for insurance purposes. 

So the next time you’re in the neighborhood, stop on by with your rug and let’s do some rug talk time together.  We have a passion for rugs and the art behind them, and we love to meet other rug collectors and talk rug talk.  

Until next time, Rugman Out!

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