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We are the experts in repairing your area rugs and we offer a full line of services to restore the beauty and the value through proper repair services.  Our pricing is determined by the size of the repair and hours needed for completion.  Listed below are the services we provide;

Area Rug Repair, Restoration & Cleaning | Repair & Restoration Examples

FRINGE REPAIR: Hand woven fringes can be secured by hand retaining the original and natural look.

FRINGE REPLACEMENT: Some rugs have a separate fringe and can be replaced with a new fringe.

BINDING: We can bind all of your rugs, including  your carpet remnants especially when you have leftover carpet during installation of your wall-to-wall carpet or create a throw rug or area for a specific space.

Area Rug Repair, Restoration & Cleaning | 9serging After1SERGING: Sides of rugs are normally serged either by hand or machine depending on how the rug was made.  We can repair  just damaged areas or a complete renew to not only retain beauty but save the rug from any further damage.

CURLING: On occasion area rug may curl.   Maybe the edges were inadvertently flipped up and not smoothed back into place or perhaps it was stored improperly. Whatever the reason that your area rug is curling, we can remedy the problem to bring it back to it's original state.

RESIZING: If a larger rug becomes damaged or you need a rug sized down to fit a specific area we have the ability to meet your needs.

MASTER WEAVING: Should it become necessary we have available a Master Weaver that can repair holes in your rugs by reweaving the damaged area to bring it back to it’s original design by utilizing the proper wool from where your rug was made to achieve authenticity of the rug.

PADDING: Padding provides a solid foundation to your area rug.  You can protect the floor underneath, reduce slipping and add comfort and cushion to your rug.  We have different selections of padding that can be sewn to the back of rugs or simply placed  underneath.