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Isfahan Area Rugs

Isfahan Rug


This will be the first in our series of discovering rugs from around the world.  The picture today is of a Isfahan Area rug made in Iran.  Specifically Isfahan rugs are made in central Iran and this one was made after World War II. 

They Feature a floral center medallion on floral filled or they can also be a pictorial of a hunting scene.  Normally the colors used in these types of rugs are predominantly red, medium blue and ivory however there can be exceptions to the rules.

This one depicted today is a rather large one at 14x17 feet as they are usually in the 5x7 feet range and smaller.

If you have a rug like this one, you may have an authentic Isfahan from Iran commonly known as a Persian Rug. 

You want to bring this one to us or to another Master Rug Cleaner because, the red fields of the rug can bleed when wetted for cleaning.  This rug has some Dye bled from previous washing that will have to address and correct.  Area rugs from around the world have a story and here we love to tell and learn the stories.  Until next time, Rugman Out!