Should I Have My Rug Fringe Cleaned In My Home?

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Should I Have My Rug Fringe Cleaned In My Home?

Why You Should Take Your Rug To Rug Plant for Fringe Cleaning


You see many carpet cleaners advertise on the side of their van that they clean rugs.  They even offer to clean them in your home.  They reassure you they know how to clean them and charge you for the surface cleaning of the rug but there is only one problem; your rug if it is a hand-knotted rug is natural fiber and the surface clean with a wand or hand tool will not penetrate and clean the entire rug. 

In a rug plant like ours, we fully wash your rug and flush heavily thus allowing the soaps and water to penetrate through the entire rug and not just the surface.  But, here is the biggest problem and that’s with your fringe.

Fringe on a hand-knotted rug is made up of Cotton, Silk or Wool and to properly clean these materials you must flush with lots of water.  You also must dry rapidly to resolve yellowing of the fringe an issue that can make your fringe ugly.

Also fringe can have bled dyes from past cleanings, spills, urine, and improper cleaning by a wand in your home.  They can’t properly remove the bled dyes in your home without bleaching out your fibers and causing the material to break down leading to dry rot. 

We clean all hand-knotted, hand-made, or natural rugs only in our plant and cleaned only by our Certified Master Rug Cleaners.  We only use the proper solutions and lots of water to flush properly and dry quickly.

Can you imagine someone standing in your living room over the family heirloom rug and pouring water on it to flush it out and not soaking the wood underneath?  There is a big difference between cleaning wall-to-wall carpet and cleaning rugs.  There is a big difference in the type of material that make up both and a bigger difference in the fact that hand-knotted rugs are make all over the world. 

Yes it cost more to have your rug clean in a plant by professionals but, it could cost you more to replace the rug and repair your flooring to have it cleaned in your home.  Until Next Time; Joe Out!