What About Rug Pillows?

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What About Rug Pillows?

What are Rug Pillows?

Rug pillows are simply rugs that have been sewn together or a different backing to make a pillow out of a rug.  You see even when you think the rug has no other purpose you can turn in into a pillow. 

Rug pillows make a great added interior design to your décor in your home or office.  They also allow you to display a small rug in a different way and a useful way.  Another good point to make here is, if you have a rug that has been damaged in certain spots and the cost for repair outweighs the value of the rug, and then making it into a pillow is another way to save it from the scrap pile.

I like using these throw pillows that once served as rugs in my living room to bring color into the room.  We can make a pillow out of a rug and bring life back to the rug. 

Rugs are also used to make salt bags, saddle bags, ceremonial occasions, and I have even seen them used as a table cloth.  Until Next time, Rugman 0ut!