When Should I Clean My Area Rugs

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When Should I Clean My Area Rugs

                                                                     How Often Should I Wash My Rug?       


How often should you wash your rug?  I get asked this question all the time and the answer is somewhat simple but yet complicated.  Deciding when to wash is dependent upon usage and location of your area rug in your home. 

If you have a rug that is positioned in a entry way, kitchen, dining room or a heavily used room in your home, we would recommend a yearly cleaning cycle for that rug.  Entry ways and areas with heavy traffic areas tend to receive the most dry soils, spills and will cause the rug to fill with all the dry soils faster thus, leaving a dingy look to the rug.  It also can cause the rug to wear faster as the fibers receive more friction from the dry soils acting like a sandpaper effect.

Another factor in how often to clean is, pet issues relating to oils from the pet and of course urine.  Pets are great but they do tend to like the feel of a natural wool rug and sometimes will choose the rug over all other type of fibers in your home.  The PH in the urine and oils will break down the dyes in your rug and cause staining over time.  We highly recommend a yearly cleaning for all rugs that encounter pet issues to stay ahead of the game.

Most rugs can go two to three years in between cleanings with no ill effects however, if you have one that falls in the above category issues, we highly encourage cleanings to be more often.  The good news is, we have highly trained Certified Master Rug Cleaners that know how to clean and remove the issues listed above.  We also have a staff of trained rug repair technicians to save a rug when is becomes damaged and know how to even reweave a rug when necessary.

If you’re not sure if your rug needs cleaned, just do a simple tests; shake your rug if it is small enough and see what flies out of it.  If you see lots of dry soil particles then it is time to clean your rug.  On a larger rug, roll back a side of the rug and see what has fallen through the rug, if the floor underneath is dirty then, the chances are your rug needs cleaned.  Take a clean white towel and dampen it, place the white towel on the rug and apply a little pressure to it.  Pull the towel up and see if the towel smells of urine or other odors and if it does it is definitely time to clean. 

Visual Inspection: Look at the rug for any signs of spots and also look for any issues in the pile or edging.  When in doubt bring it in and we can inspect it for you.  Most of all enjoy the beauty of your rug.